Oikos Deltagande På ”Defining Freedom

25 september 2021

Oikos medverkar vid brittiska Conservatives tankesmedja New Directions konferens ”Defining Freedom” för ett 20-tal av världens främsta konservativa organisationer och tankesmedjor i Lissabon.

Programmet lyder ”We face a generational struggle to defend freedom in Europe and around the world. From the return of big government during the global pandemic, to the rise of the ‘Woke’ counterculture that endangers free expression, from the spread of cancel culture that attempts to re-write our history to suit modern norms, to the threat posed to national sovereignty by a greater centralisation of power in Brussels – across Europe and the Western World we need to bring together movements that stand to defend our freedom. As we come out of the pandemic, the movement for freedom around the world must come together again and defend its values.”